Winter Wonderland Blunderland Variety Show

Looking for something fun in NYC? House of Yes has everything to enjoy an evening of variety. From  all the whimsical, surreal, and psychedelic you can handle. Leave all expectations at the door and come be dazzled. Drawing from the finest of New York’s burlesque, circus, cabaret, and queer scenes BLUNDERLAND is a trip down the rabbit hole you won’t soon forget.


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Live as if you were in a Hotel, 5 Beekman

New development coming to New York City, with unbelievable views and, also there’s a hotel so residents get free concierge service and discounts for theater tickets and two unbelievable restaurants in the building.

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Discover the garden under NYC, the LowLine!

Even though one of the biggest Landmarks of New York City is the world famous Central Park, sometimes New Yorkers still feel the need to visit green spaces, and just enjoy nature. Well, good news! There is a new one acre park underground in Lower Eastside. The LowLine Lab has been built on a abandoned market, and it will grow and sustain plants underground!

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List of the wealthiest New Yorkers: musicians, athletes & comedians

Do you know who are the richest people in The City? The Observer  just released the list of the most wealthiest New Yorkers in their field!

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What makes New York City so special?

New York City is one of the most famous, iconic places in the world. With thousands upon thousands of places to discover, the enormity of New York City is part of its particular charm.


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Buying Vs. Renting

Deciding whether to buy or rent an apartment in New York City is not a decision that should be made lightly but should rather receive a great deal of vs buy.jpg Continue reading “Buying Vs. Renting”

Top Things To Do this Halloween in NYC

Halloween time is here! And New York City is full of events from spooky to cool, fun and family-friendly! There is always something to do, and here you will find the best Halloween events in the city (some of them are even for FREE!), as well as the best neighborhoods for trick or treat with the kids!


Why You Still Need a Real Estate Agent?

With so many information out there in the internet, one can easily buy or sell a house without a Real Estate Agent. But there are some things people are forgetting… You know what they say, “when going cheap is actually more expensive”.


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Best Restaurants to Carb Load for TCS New York City Marathon 2016! + Where to eat if I’m just cheering?

New York City’s most exciting Marathon and the largest one is the world is coming soon!

marahton photo.png

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Fall 2016: Best things to do in NYC

Fall is here! Everyone is back to school already, and we still have time before the holiday season arrives, so… what to do in NYC this fall?


There are a lot of events going on, here we present a guide for the best things to do this Fall:

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