Discover the garden under NYC, the LowLine!

Even though one of the biggest Landmarks of New York City is the world famous Central Park, sometimes New Yorkers still feel the need to visit green spaces, and just enjoy nature. Well, good news! There is a new one acre park underground in Lower Eastside. The LowLine Lab has been built on a abandoned market, and it will grow and sustain plants underground!

The Lab has seen nearly 100,000 visitors so far. Through March 2017, they will both showcase our solar technology and the potential of new, year-round public spaces to tend of thousands more.

Co-Founder James Ramsey, his team at Raad Studio,and Korea-based technology company Sunportal designed and installed optical devices which track the sun throughout the sky every minute of every day, optimizing the amount of natural sunlight we are able to capture. The sunlight is then distributed into the warehouse through a series of protective tubes, directing full spectrum light into a central distribution point. A solar canopy, designed and constructed by engineer Ed Jacobs, then spreads out the sunlight across the space, modulating and tempering the sunlight, providing light critical to sustain the plant life below.

The Lowline Lab landscape, designed by Signe Nielsen of Mathews Nielsen and built by John Mini Distinctive Landscapes, is composed of over 3,000 plants and dozens of unique varieties, spread across 1,000 square feet. The Lab gives us the opportunity to study plant life in the same type of environment as the future Lowline, and will help determine which types of plants will grow best underground.

So don’t miss it! The Lab is a live open experiment, free for all members of the public to visit every weekend.


140 Essex Street

(between Rivington and Stanton Streets)

Lower East Side – New York City

Subway: J/M/F Essex Delancey Street

Saturday and Sunday

11am – 5pm

Free and Open to the Public

October 2015- March 2017


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