Top 5 things to do in Lazio, Italy

People often travel to Rome, Lazio in Italy, and forget about the rest of the undiscovered area with mountainous views and coastal shores in Italy that borders with Tuscany and Umbria, and its way cheaper than these places!

Here are the Top 5 things to do in this wonderful place that you need to discover in your next travel to Italy!:

1.- Tour in Vignanello gardenattractions7

A rewarding half-day trip from Bolsena, this labyrinth of immaculately clipped box hedges has resisted the vagaries of garden fashion to come down to us unchanged from the early 17th century. Hidden in the 12 parterres are the initials of the garden’s founder, Ottavia Orsini, and her sons. The current owner, the formidable but simpatica Princess Claudia Ruspoli, personally guides visitors around the garden which she has restored with passion. Tours, which also take in her castle home, Castello Ruspoli, take place on Sundays from April to the end of October. Groups can visit by appointment at other times too. –The Guardian

2.- Stay in Castello di Proceno


A crenellated medieval affair with a working drawbridge, Castello di Proceno rises imperiously above the village of the same name, close to the border between Tuscany and Lazio, in a verdant landscape of chestnut woods and hay fields. Within the walls are seven guest apartments and three suites, all done out in cosy Italian grandma style. Best buys are the four-berth seasonal suites, Primavera, Estate and Autunno (from €720 a week), each with a private terrace or garden. Inside the keep is a private museum of priestly robes, musical instruments and other historic gewgaws; there’s also a wine bar featuring an original Etruscan tomb. Paths lined with wisteria and iris lead down to the pool and summer restaurant.-The Guardian

3.- Drink – Sergio Mottura wines


Orvieto may be better known, but some of the best white wines in the area between Rome and Florence are made around Civitella d’Agliano, an unassuming town half an hour’s drive east of Lake Bolsena. The leading producer is a cultured gentleman by the name of Sergio Mottura, whose main cellar occupies a 16th-century manor house that doubles as an 11-room country-chic hotel and summer restaurant, La Tana dell’Istrice (the porcupine’s burrow). The estate’s award-winning Poggio della Costa white, made from 100% grechetto grapes, is a snip at €10.80 a bottle at the cellar door.-The Guardian

4.- The beaches of Sperlonga74ec1d74e030e436e92e0037c99c8ff256eae4e4e97c1

Lazio has its fair share of pleasant beaches, but the loveliest are undoubtedly those of Sperlonga. This charming town in southern Lazio stands out for its sandy beaches and dramatic location, perched above steep cliffs. Sperlonga was also popular in Roman times, and the emperor Tiberius had a grand villa here. Nothing remains of the house, but you can still visit the archaeological museum and explore an atmospheric grotto. – Panoramilatia


5.- The fountains of Tivoli02cc363f31aad2695be6bee5b370f0f956eae4aaa42c5

The town of Tivoli is almost absurdly picturesque, boasting waterfalls, spectacular scenery, and extravagant Renaissance gardens. Villa D’Este is famous for its fountains, which were commissioned by the cardinal who once lived here. His fantasy of a garden with elaborate water features was at least partly inspired by the gardens of Hadrian’s Villa, also located in Tivoli. When the emperor wanted to escape from Rome, he would relocate to his sumptuous villa in Tivoli. Visiting Tivoli today, you can see why it was such a temptation to Hadrian.– Panoramilatia

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