It’s not a store. It’s not a showroom. It’s not a museum. It’s Samsung 837.

Samsung 837 is the new technology playground and cultural destination for consumers, creators, tourists, tech enthusiasts and community members in New York City.


Located in the heart of the Meatpacking district in New York City, Samsung 837 it’s a place with a new concept. It combines art, fashion, high technology, and sport in unprecedented ways.


Samsung’s cutting edge devices are use to fill this place with a new reality. It’s a new kind of place filled with ideas and experiences, where anyone can try out virtual reality, take part in interactive art installations, and see a larger-than-life, three-story screen. It’s home to live music performances, exclusive screenings, and radio recordings.


The space was designed by WonderWall Inc. It was designed to convey Samsung’s powerful contents in its software and communication. It has three levels, and features an amphitheater area, VR tunnel, DJ booth, customer service and workshop area, and café.



“A multi-functional theater with a gigantic digital screen was placed in the center void. This theater can also be seen from the outside. It signals Samsung’s brand to the passersby together with the event space that includes a recording booth, an exhibition space, and the product display space.” -WonderWall Inc.


“The upper floor is designed for visitors to envision a life with Samsung. It is a space where they can freely handle and deepen their understanding on a life with Samsung products.” -WonderWall Inc.


“A physical manifestation of the Samsung Brand, 837 is a flagship experience center at the convergence of humanity and technology that underscores how Samsung’s full portfolio of signature services and technology – ranging from mobile devices to home appliances – can make your life better.”-Samsung NewsRoom


Being the first of its kind place, Samsung 837 it’s definitely worth visiting. It has been located in the heart of the Meatpacking District, a place of cultural vibrance, renowned for being a hub of activity, creativity, trend and forward thinking.

Go visit now:
837 Washington Street, New York NY 10014

Monday – Friday 11am – 9pm
Saturday 10am – 10pm
Sunday 10am – 8pm

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