In the middle of it all… Hudson Yards

Manhattan’s center of gravity is shifting west to Hudson Yards, where West Chelsea’s creativity meets Midtown’s energy.


Amid cutting edge art, architecture, culture, fashion, dining, parks and Hudson River sunsets: The best New York has to offer, all in one place…e9f68e74c23a1cbb38ede3e610a28fea


Here, you’ll find culturally rich neighborhoods, expansive parks, innovative companies and top-notch schools joining with the best shopping, dining and nightlife to create a dynamic community. Hudson Yards offers easy access from your doorstep to any point in the city and beyond- by car, train, ferry, helicopter and the new number 7 subway station.

The Hudson Yards will be the newest development in the heart of Manhattan, even if you thought there was no more space in Manhattan to build such an amazing development!

This stunning new development is located in the most desirable location in New York City. The floor to ceiling windows gives residents a panoramic view of the Hudson River and New York City’s charm.

This development will give you the opportunity to relax and enjoy natures beauty by dedicating part of the development’s site for new parks. After a time of relaxation, you will have a boost of energy to go and fully experience the development’s new shopping location.


The development is also located in a friendly neighborhood. So if you are coming from out of the country, you will have no problem finding a buddy for shopping or the several nightlife opportunities. If you are the kind of buyer who wants the “Next Big Thing,” this development will be perfect for you!


Additionally, the Hudson Yards will host the next Smartest Park in the World! To build a park above a working rail yard, designers created brilliant, futuristic strategies to protect the foliage, recycle rainwater and ensure six acres of thriving public space.


Call our office for details on how you can get your hands on the best investment!

By: Andrea Bogarin-Ackerman



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